Lots of exciting tours this coming autumn!

4 Sep

September is here and thus the autumn season has started with new busyness on many levels. For me, the first exciting and new experience was to be a guest along with good colleagues Lene Halskov Hansen and Kristine Heebøll in the “Hjernekassen” program live on national Danish Radio P1 on Monday the 2nd. If you did not hear it, you can find the program online at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s website: www.dr.dk/radio/p1/hjernekassen-pa-p1/hjernekassen-pa-p1-2019-09-02

One of the next things just around the corner is a 4 week tour with GANGSPIL in North America. I am very much looking forward to being back on the road again with Sonnich Lydom and Vidar Skrede! (www.vidarskrede.com) – see much more on the calendar and www.trad.dk

GANGSPIL trio – photo by Rebekah Jackson

Further into the fall, a new tour in Denmark and Norway with the duo WENZELL & BUGGE (www.folkeslag.dk) is coming up. Always a party to travel and play with my good friend, classical percussionist Ronni Kot Wenzell on marimba and vibraphone.

When we reach November, it’s finally time for our 15th anniversary tour with BALTIC CROSSING to reach Denmark, with two weeks of celebration concerts and a new CD: CARRY ON CROSSING! – Follow more news on www.balticcrossing.com

I hope we will meet somewhere out there! With the best wishes for a really good autumn for everyone, Kristian

Dwight Lamb back on tour in Denmark!

10 May

In few hours our good friend and band mate, Dwight Lamb will be landing and we’re starting our 5th Denmark tour together, looking a lot forward to that! The great story of Dwight, his Grandfather and their music from Vendsyssel in Denmark is well-known in the folk circles, more via links here below.

You’re all welcome at the following concerts:

May 10th Tønder, Hagges, Vestergade 80, 6270 Tønder www.facebook.com/events/607197376360488 
May 11th Vestjylland, Højmark Forsamlingshus, Adelvej 41, 6940 Lem Stationsby www.facebook.com/events/262864167966543 
May 12th Thy, Snedsted, Hørstedvej 17, 7752 Snedsted www.facebook.com/events/383975432333322 
May 13th Vendsyssel, Aasen Teater, Brødholtvej 120, Sterup, 9740 Jerslev www.facebook.com/events/297659307541439 
May 14th Vejle SOLD OUT
May 16th Køge, Teaterbygningen, Bag haverne 1, 4600 Køge www.facebook.com/events/1152900888205225 (OBS: on this day Dwight turns 85!)
May 17th Bornholm, Aa Kirke, Storegade 2K, 3720 Aakirkeby www.facebook.com/events/411876966318606 
May 18th Fyn, Nymarken 47, 5300 Kerteminde (gymnastic hall) www.facebook.com/events/2112786948803820 
May 19th Århus, Lucas Kirken, Sankt Lucas Kirkeplads, 8000 Århus C www.facebook.com/events/380831572465630

Links: www.arts.gov/honors/heritage/fellows/dwight-lamb & www.youtube.com/watch?v=esm-V3TuIss

Hopefully see you soon!
Best greetings from Dwight, Mette and Kristian
More info via www.jensen-bugge.dk

3 Fiddlers 3 Traditions about to start this year’s Denmark tour!

21 Nov

We are three fiddlers from three very different backgrounds – Danish, American, and Native American – who love to play together. Jamie’s Métis tradition, evolved from the melding of French Canadian, Irish and Native American music, has a Celtic flavor with a hint of Native American drumming. Kristian’s Danish tradition combines bright Nordic melodies with a powerful rhythm and lively fiddle seconding. Ruthie’s American style is syncopated and a bit bluesy. We like to show how each culture brings its own voice to the fiddle. But sometimes we just combine our styles and see what happens! We hope that you will enjoy listening to it, just as much as we enjoy playing it.
See the full tour schedule under upcoming gigs!


Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpQzzA2rBdM

New podcast series: Spillefolkenes Hemmeligheder

11 Nov

How exciting with this new project, a pleasure to be part of it, thank you for the interest and the good initiative, Morten Alfred Høirup: SPILLEFOLKENES HEMMELIGHEDER – EN REJSE I DANSK FOLKEMUSIK!

“In the brand new podcast series, Spillefolkenes Hemmeligheder we speak with some of the most distinctive personalities in the Danish folk music scene right now. We ask them about the core of their work and together we show some of their deepest secrets.”

The first 6 series have just been published, enjoy! Listen here: www.radiofolk.dk/spillefolkenes-hemmeligheder/?hp=5024

Photo: Hanna Bark

– sorry, my non-Danish speaking friends, this new podcast series is only in Danish. But if you want to explore the site www.radiofolk.dk, you will find programs in English as well as the ones in Danish.

New collaboration: Scandinavian String Alliance

4 Jul

During June 4-6th we were 5 musicians gathered at Kongegaarden in Korsør to launch a new project that we hope to bring out on the road in the summer of 2019.

Listen to the first tastes, filmed by www.christian-albertsen.dk on the link here: https://youtu.be/2hLXQSLs0cg

SCANDINAVIAN STRING ALLIANCE is (from the left): Maja Kjær Jacobsen (DK), Kristian Bugge (DK), Anna Lindblad (S), Morten Alfred Høirup (DK) & Elise Wessel Hildrum (N). Photo: Henrik Jansberg. See more here: www.scandinavianstringalliance.com

New video clips with Danmarks Riggspillemænd are now online!

11 Feb

With the support from the Danish Arts Foundation, 32 videos are now available online!
15 Danish “Rigspillemænd” (National Folk Musicians) are playing and talking about their music (only in Danish though.) Great documentation of Danish traditional music and its diversity!

Among the tunes I played when the video team was visiting my home, this Rask Kontra was selected and on the link here I tell a little about my music 🙂

All the new videos can be viewed under the Se og hør button on this web site: www.rigsspillemand.dk

New trio website is in the air!

27 Dec

Ladies and gentlemen! With great pleasure in the middle of the darkest part of the year we can now present this new trio website: www.dktrio.dk

At the same time we’ve also uploaded our first live video with sound and pictures from last summer’s great Musik Over Præstø Fjord Festival, watch it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKA8RxtvcaQ

Warm welcome and VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Dwight Lamb’s Danish Tunes

20 Nov

It is finally here!!! The tune book Dwight Lamb’s Danish Tunes, with the collected tunes that his grandfather, Chris Jerup, brought along from Vendsyssel in Northern Denmark and all the way to Iowa, USA in 1893. It is released and now available for everybody through the great publisher Edition Svitzer in Copenhagen who publish and distributes high quality sheet music world wide. The tune book includes 40+ tunes with texts in English and Danish and many great new and old pictures.

The tune book can be ordered via this link: http://editionsvitzer.com/catalog/3h54i2dayb/c-23/p-1481 and will be mailed to allover the world!





2017 has been quite an amazing year for Dwight. On his 83rd birthday he was celebrated as
Dansk Rigsspillemand (National folk musician of Denmark) at a big celebration concert held at the Danish Parliament building on May 16th, see www.rigsspillemand.dk (only text in Danish.)

In September yet a chapter was added to the great story, when Dwight was honored in Washington, DC by the National Endowments of the Arts www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8icQf4p-BA&feature=youtu.be
See also: https://www.facebook.com/NationalEndowmentfortheArts/posts/10155765775954485
And https://www.arts.gov

It is the biggest award you can receive as a folk musician in the USA! – take a look at the list of who else received it over the years, and read a bit more about it further down on this page as well 😉