Dwight Lamb, Jensen & Bugge – Live in Denmark 2010

Nr.: GO0411 – Year: 2011
Record company: GO’ Danish Folk Music

More than 100 yeas of their musical and family history – from Vendsyssel DK to the Northern USA and back again.

The record compagnies’ description:
Mette Kathrine & Kristian Bugge, one of our most recognized Danish traditional young Duo’s, is together with the US Oldtime musician Dwight Lamb revealing more than 100 yeas of their musical and family history – from Vendsyssel DK to the Northern USA and back again.
The oldtime fiddler and accordion player, Dwight Lamb, is a native of the state of Iowa in the United States. His grandfather had immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1800’s, and his great-grandfather was known as Kræn Jerup. At the folk music department at the music academy in Odense Mette had learned a tune called Kræn Jerups Hamburger. A tune which over a period of more than a hundred years had been passed on from Dwight’s great-grandfather to Danish musicisians as Kræn Degn, to Evald Thomsen, to Hans Jørgen Christensen, to Sonnich Lydom and finally to Mette and Kristian.
Mette got in contact with Dwight and In 2008 Mette, Kristian and Dwight met for the first time at the Nisswa-Stämman Scandinavian Folk Music Festival in Minnesota. After that they have continued enyouing playing concert together and in 2010 they did a tour in Vendsyssel DK, the northernmost province of Denmark and the native soil of Dwight’s Danish ancestors. Part of the way they were joined by a local historian, who had looked into the history of the Jerup family.

An especially moving experience was the concert at Åsen Theater, filled to capacity with local people,who had come to listen to music as it had sounded at that very place more than a hundred years ago.
Dwight’s ‘mental music archive’ was also shared and played at concerts in Odense, Køge, Hørdum and Tønder, and before the tour ended it was obvious that it was not going to be the last one – neither in Denmark nor in the U.S.
This CD was recorded live at theese concerts in Denmark in May 2010.
Dwight Lamb has released a number of other CDs
– playing fiddle as well as accordion.
Enquiries about Dwight and his music:missourivalleymusic@sio.midco.net
Jensen & Bugge can be contacted at: www.jensen-bugge.dk

Dwight Lamb: one-rowed accordion
Mette Kathrine Jensen: five-rowed accordion
Kristian Bugge: fiddle
Vagn Dahl Hansen: piano (tracks 3, 7, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17)
Karl Skaarup: five-rowed accordion (tracks 6, 18)

1. Quadrille (Trekant 1)
2. Two Part Waltz
3. Polka 1
4. Tomorrow I Shall Wed, but Who Shall it Be (Schottish)
5. Isle of Fyn (Polka)
6. Quadrille (Fra Tyskland uddrog …)
7. Three Part Waltz
8. Schottish 1
9. Storm (Polka)
10. Den toppede høne
11. Quadrille (Trekant 2)
12. Mor jeg skal tisse (Schottish)
13. Polka 2
14. Four Part Waltz
15. Schottish 2
16. Polka 3
17. Schottish 3
18. Oh Susanna
19. Galop

Recorded live in May 2010 at:
Hagge’s Musik Pub, Tønder (tracks 1, 5, 8, 11, 12, 16)
Teaterbygningen, Køge (tracks 3, 7, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17)
Jazzhus Dexter, Odense (tracks 2, 4, 9, 19) by Torben Sminge,www.torbensminge.dk
and at Hørdum Gl. Skole, Thy (tracks 6, 18) by Christian Hansen at Reel-Motion
Mix: Torben Sminge & Kristian Bugge
Mastering: Torben Sminge
Cover: Gorm K. Bentsen, www.gobe.dk
Photo: Ard Jongsma, www.stillwords.com
Foreword & proofreader: Alan Klitgaard
2nd proofreader: Vagn Dahl Hansen
Other cover text, idea & concept: Jensen & Bugge
Translation: Michael Petersen
Labels: Erling Olsen at Go Danish Folk Music and Bill Peterson at Missouri Valley Music


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