Please take a look around, there is a detailed discography with tastes of the music and much more.. Hope you will enjoy it!

Remastered version of my first album now finally released digitally!

30 Jun

By midnight everywhere, my first album is finally out on all the streaming platforms, – in a new remastered version by my good friend Søren Oliver Due!!! Give it a spin via this link: https://open.spotify.com/album/3xRwoAkG3D4Hd33NJX5dqa… or search for “Kristian Bugge Radium Prisen” on any other service.

There’s some youthful joy and fun to be heard in that music I’d say, let me hear what you think?

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Mette Kathrine Jensen Stærk: accordion
Heidi Nuutilainen. double bass
Peter Uhrbrand: piano
Sonnich Lydom: diatonic accordion & hamonica
Anders Ringgaard: trombone
Anders Larsson: vocals
Daniel Hedman: silverbas nyckelharmpa
Antti Järvelä: double bass, fiddle & mandolin
Cormac Byrne: bodhrán & percussion
Ian Stephenson: guitar & b/c button accordion
Andy May: northumbrian & uillean pipes
Esko Järvelä: viola, piano & harmonium
Kristian Bugge: fiddle

Guest in the Danish Radio’s program “sessions”!

27 Jun

Recently I had the pleasure and a fun time being the guest with radio host Lasse D. Hansen on the Danish Radio P2 in the program called “sessions”! It airs weekly on P2 national Danish Radio, but can also be found via this direct link!

I really enjoyed being part of it, thank you for the invitation, Lasse!

The theme for the program was “fiddle players all over.” We very quickly ran out of time, but still managed to get around some of the most inspiring music I know. The program is hosted in Danish, but most of the music from it can also be found on this spotify playlist (made by Lasse.) We took turns in suggesting the tunes and had a great time. Hope you’ll take a listen and enjoy 🙂


27 Mar

Our new trio, Morten Alfred & Vingården has just released a digital EP with five numbers!

Guitarist and singer Morten Alfred Høirup, saxophone player Charlotte Andersson and I play a mixture of music written by Morten and music that we compose together. The new EP is called Druer/Grapes and can be found on most streaming platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp og Youtube.

he trio can be heard live at the Fannikerdage on the Fanø island July 7. & 8, Musik over Præstø Fjord festival August 4th, in the Sthens Church in Helsingør August 20th, at Metronomen in Copenhagen on September 14th and at Klaverfabrikken in Hillerød November 11th. More dates on the way, keep an eye on the calendar here on the website!

Single debute from Wenzell & Bugge!!!

21 Aug

“Thytyrkeren” is now out on all digitale platforms! The first official release ever from the duo Wenzell & Bugge and here in fine company with guest musicians JULLIE HJETLAND on vocals and JOHN DOYLE on guitar! Search for the title or follow this direct link!

Please enjoy and let us hear what you think!?
All the best, Ronni and Kristian
Wenzell & Bugge (www.folkeslag.dk)

New single out now!

24 Jun

Ylva’s Welcome is the story of a little girl named Ylva, was born into this world at the beginning of last year. But it is also the story of the proud, old ship Ylva who returns home after a long and eventful voyage to foreign countries. In other words, the tune Ylva’s Welcome is about faith, hope and love. Hear it here!

Coverdesign ved Ronni Kot Wenzell på www.danishphotoanddesign.com

“When we were working on this melody, we were very inspired by the fact that Kristian’s sister had just given birth to a lovely little girl, her name was going to be Ylva. We talked about the incredible life journey she will now embark on for the next many years. And at the same time we talked about and imagined a large old sailing ship returning home after traveling for months or maybe years on the open sea in all kinds of weather.”

The two Danish musicians fiddle player Kristian Bugge and guitarist Morten Alfred Høirup are both veterans of the Danish and international folk music scene. For years they have toured with good friends, performing traditional Danish folk music in many countries like Denmark, Norway, Germany, the USA and Canada. Now with Ylva’s Welcome, they are releasing their first joint composition of brand new music with roots in the Nordic tradition. The idea with this number is to give the listener a hope and a belief that everything will be ok, and also to share a proper shot of energy and an invitation to just shout along and have a great time with music!

At Ylva’s Welcome, Kristian Bugge and Morten Alfred Høirup collaborate with the two excellent Finnish musicians Tapani Varis (double bass, Jewish harp) and Eero Turkka (harmonica and throat singing.)

Ylva’s Welcome is recorded and mixed by producer and sound engineer Torben Sminge in his Snowville Recording Studio in Odense. The mastering is done by Søren Oliver Due, known for his work with the popular Danish EDM duo, Zookeepers.

New CD out with Jagdselskabet!

4 Mar

The album “Jagdselskabet” has arrived and is now available from our record company GO’ Danish Folk Music, including world wide shipping! All the music is written by my good friend, Steen Jagd and played by him, Malene Daniels Beck and yours truely.

You can find the singles “Pigernes Glæde” and “Ulla Berg Kvadrille” on your prefered online platform. Here’s a direct link: https://bfan.link/pigernes-glaede

Cover design by Ronni Kot Wenzell, photo by Henrik Jansberg

Have a good day 🕺💃🇩🇰🎶🎻🎹🎈
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