Wenzell & Bugge

A new fresh colaboration with percusionist and performer Ronni Kot Wenzell.The starting point of the duos repertoire is folk music meets classical music. With the exciting and wide range of percussion instruments and the traditional and popular violin, these two young musicians represent an energetic, and at the same time, entertaining composition of two music genres.

Ronni and Kristian met on the Odense music scene, centered around the towns music academy where they both studied. The two have worked together on numerous projects throughout the years, among other things, Kristian’s award wining debut CD. They have the same energetic approach to music, and a warm friendship has blossomed between them. These factors played a huge part in why, they finally realised a lifelong dream and started their duo.

The duos personal interpretation, gives the listener a contemporary insight into the music. With backgrounds in both classical and folk music, their range go from powerful and physical, to dreamy and wonderful. They present a new and exciting musical experience, far from anything we hear today, but still recognisable.

You’ll hear folk music and classical music, from a French/Canadian Air (arranged for violin and vibraphone) to Thy-tyrkeren (suite with traditional folk melody from Thy (Denmark), Tyrkish folk melody mixed with classical music from the Norwegian composer Edward Grieg and American Paul Smadbeck) – everything on different instruments such as Marimba, Vibraphone, Chinese TAM, Spanish Cajon, Japanese Taigo Drum and ofcourse Violin..

Website: www.folkeslag.dk