Kristian Bugge

No.: Radium 01-04 – Year: 2005
Record company: Danish Radio / Danish Folk Council

Kristian Bugge was in 2004 the first award winner of the Radium award handed out by editors behind the music program Radium, which is broadcasted every evening on Danmarks Radio’s P2. That program is sadly closed down now. The award included a CD contract and a live recording of a concert broadcasted live in thenational radio!

The debut CD was released in the summer of 2005 as was enclosed the June edition of “Folk & Musik” magazine as a present to the subscribers. It was nominated in four catagories at Danish Music Award – Folk 2006. Out of these, Kristian received the awards as“Danish debut if the year” and “Danish folk instrumentalist of the year”!

“Dagbladet Arbejderen”, September 14th 2005: “A recording with great love … Danish folk music tradition gets a ride in Kristian Bugge’s wide and secure embrace on his new CD. It’s tradition and renewal on the same, with love and respect for the material”.

“Sing Out!”, volume 50 #2 Summer 2006: …a remarkable impressive debut … Bugge is a superb fiddle player, with a great control and tone, and very mature sence of tradition … What’s most evident here, apart from Bugge’s great technical ability – which is also true of every other musician here – is his relentless questing for music. He’s as eager as a puppy to absorb sounds, to discover traditions and explore them. More than that, he’s blessed with a powerful imagination in terms of arrangements. Welcome a great new Danish fiddler; he’s going to be around for a long time. -CN

“fROOTS”, October 2005 by Andrew Cronshaw: A very strong debut album by a fiddler of great facility and lift who’s obviously going to be, indeed already is, a major mover as the Danish roots wave gathers momentum..

Participating musicians:

Mette Kathrine Jensen [DK] – accordion
Heidi Nuutilainen [FI] – duoble bass
Anders Larsson [SE] – vocal
Daniel Hedman [SE] – keyed fiddle
Peter Uhrbrand [DK] – piano
Sonnich Lydom [DK] – harmonica and two-rowed accordion
Anders Ringgaard [DK] – trombone
Antti Järvelä [FI] – double bass, mandolin and fiddle
Cormac Byrne [IR] – bodran and percussion
Ian Stephenson [UK] – guitar and two-rowed accordion
Andy May [UK] – northumbrian and uillean pipes
Esko Järvelä [FI] – viola, piano and harmonium

Producer: Alan Klitgaard


1. hurra polka 2.50
2. dogger danse 4.26
3. vestenom 5.23
4. fisken 5.54
5. nyt tag 3.12
6. kom vo sook / kasap 6.10
7. 4 X 358 2.55
8. menuet fra ærø 4.10
9. lars brinch’s 3.12
10 rheinlænder polka 2.34
11. rundt på gulvet 3.15
12. den strejkende general 3.07
13. hu hej, hummel i æ vand 1.48

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