Kings of Polka

You may have noticed this already but here it comes again: We are the Kings of Polka! Yes. We like to dominate the areas where polka has kept its place as a too serious form of art. Yes. This music is meant for those who are lost within their own sense of good taste. Yes. Please keep in mind that nothing is certain but death and Polka!

The Kings of Polka debut CD “Every man’s Polka” was lately reviewed in the American “SING OUT” magazine:
Well, they’ve taken on a mighty title. Two Finns and a Dane with a twin fiddle and guitar line-up. Just to set the record straight, this isn’t your oompah polka, but Nordic dance music.. ..played with real verve and energy – these guys obviously love the music and have a deep background in it. Played with all the fire and energy of rock, this is fine stuff indeed, with strong communication between the players and a sense that they didn’t want to stop when the sessions ended. ..a reminder that the young aren’t just about progress they can reach back and grab the old by the balls, too.

Esko Järvelä [FI] – fiddle
Kristian Bugge [DK] – fiddle
Antti Järvelä [FI] – guitar